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Class LazyLoadingMiddleware

This class stores given middleware inside a Container factory in order to load them only when needed.

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Class MiddlewareFactory

Marshal middleware for use in the application.

This class provides a number of methods for preparing and returning middleware for use within an application.

If any middleware provided is already a MiddlewareInterface, it can be used verbatim or decorated as-is. Other middleware types acceptable are:

  • PSR-15 RequestHandlerInterface instances; these will be decorated as RequestHandlerMiddleware instances.
  • string service names resolving to middleware
  • arrays of service names and/or MiddlewareInterface instances
  • PHP callables that follow the PSR-15 signature

Additionally, the class provides the following decorator/utility methods:

  • callableMiddleware() will decorate the callable middleware passed to it using CallableMiddlewareDecorator.
  • handlerMiddleware() will decorate the request handler passed to it using RequestHandlerMiddleware.
  • lazyMiddleware() will decorate the string service name passed to it, along with the factory instance, as a LazyLoadingMiddleware instance.
  • pipeline() will create a MiddlewarePipe instance from the array of middleware passed to it, after passing each first to prepare().
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